• ARTICLE I - Name and Objective

1.1 The name of this organization shall be CHIEN CHUNG ALUMNI ASSOCIATION IN THE WASHINGTON-     BALTIMORE AREA.  It shall be registered as CHIEN CHUNG ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereafter AAssociation@).
 1.2 The objectives of the Association shall be the promotion of understanding and the enhancement of cooperation  among members through cultural and educational contacts.
 1.3 The Association shall be a non-political and non-profit making organization.  At the time when the Association is  dissolved, all Association properties shall be donated to non-political and non-profit making organizations.
  • ARTICLE II - Membership

2.1 All alumni of the Chien-Kuo Middle School, including Junior and Senior High Schools, residing in the Washington-Baltimore Area shall be eligible for membership in the Association.

2.2 A member who has paid annual dues in full shall be eligible to vote and to be elected to office.

2.3 The spouse of a member, if non-alumni, may be listed as associate member whose name shall appear on the roster, but he or she shall have neither the voting right nor the right to be elected to office.

  • ARTICLE III - Control and Amendments

3.1 Basic control of the Association resides with the voting members whose rights and obligations are defined in this Constitution.  The control is manifested through the election of the Directors through the approval or disapproval of proposed amendments of this Constitution.

3.2 The Board, defined in Article IV, or any ten (10) voting members may submit an amendment or amendments to this Constitution.  The amendment shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this Constitution when ratified by two-third of the voting members of the Association.

  • ARTICLE IV - Organization

4.1 Board of Directors

4.1.1 Principle: Determination of policy and overall direction of the affairs of the Association shall be the responsibility of  the Board of Directors, the number of which shall be seven (7).  The Board of Directors shall carry out the policies of the Association All the Directors shall be elected directly by the members and shall have equal authority and responsibility in meetings of the Board. The Board of Directors (hereafter ABoard@) shall elect among themselves President (1), Vice President (1), Treasurer (1), Membership Director (1), Secretary (1), Program Director (1), and Communication Director(1). The Board of Directors shall have power to establish such other committees as it deems necessary for implementing its functions, and to appoint other committee chairman.

4.1.2 Tenure:

    Four Directors shall be elected to serve a two-year term and three Directors to serve a one-year term for the Board at its inception.                                                                                                                                

    Thereafter, three Directors shall be elected every year for the succeeding Boards to serve a two-year term. All Directors shall be limited to serve one two-year term.  One may be re-elected after an intermission. The Board may recommend a special election to elect a successor to fill the vacancy of a Director for the  unexpired term. The election of the Directors shall be held at the annual meeting for the election of Board Directors by a majority vote of the members attending the meeting.

4.1.3 Duties: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and shall preside over all meetings.  The President can appoint Chairmen of committees for tasks approved by the Board and a consultant among former Presidents, preferably the immediate President, of the Board.  The term of both the chairmen and the consultant is only for one year and only the chairmen can be re-appointed continuously by the President. The Vice President shall be responsible for conducting all correspondence including public announcements ordered by the Board, and shall file copies of all correspondence for preservation.  During the absence of the President and notified by the President in advance, during absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the finance of the Association; he or she shall annually submit a written report of the treasury to the Association.  The Treasurer is also responsible to file income tax returns if they are required.  The Treasurer is the custodian of all properties of the Association. The Membership Director shall recruit new members, keep good communication with members, and maintain a record of members in good standing.  The Membership Director shall also responsible for obtaining from and reporting news of members published on the regular newsletter. The Secretary shall keep a complete and correct record of the proceedings of the Association.  With the assistance of the Membership Director, the Secretary shall maintain a roll of members and guests present at each meeting.  The Secretary shall be responsible for the publication of the Association directory at a frequency determined by the Board. The Program Director shall be responsible for all activities of the Association.  These activities include, but not limited to, picnic and wisdom enhancement seminars. The Communication Director shall be responsible for all newsletters issued regularly to members by the     Association, and shall file all newsletters for preservation.  The Communication Directors shall also be responsible for upkeep and update of Web site of the Association.

            4.2 Board of Advisors:                                                                                                                                 

4.2.1  Principle:                                                   Determination of the appropriateness of any execution or action by the Board against the Objectives of the Association as specified by Article 1.2 shall be the main responsibility of the Board of Advisors (hereafter BOAs), the number of which shall be three (3).   The three inceptive BOA members shall include the founder of the Association, one of the past-presidents, and one of the past-member of the Board.   The BOAs serve in an advisory capacity to the Board, and shall have no voting rights in the Board meetings.  In the event that the execution or lack of execution by the Board is considered inappropriate, the BOAs will first make its findings known to the President of the Board for correction, and furthermore, in the event of disagreement between the Board and the BOAs on the findings, the BOAs may forward them to the general membership for appropriate action(s).

4.2.2   Tenure:                                                                                                                                                   The Association founder shall remain a life member of the BOAs.   In the event that the Association founder is not available to serve, BOAs shall nominate a replacement subject to the approval by General Members at the Annual Meeting                                                                                                                                     The two other BOA members shall be past-presidents or past-member of the Board to serve one two-year term.   Outgoing presidents shall be automatically a BOA member.

4.2.3    Duties                                                                                                                                                            As specified in Article

  • ARTICLE V - Due and Remuneration

5.1 The amounts of life and annual dues shall be decided by the Board of Directors.

5.2 The Directors and appointed committee chairmen and  BOA members shall serve without pay.

  • ARTICLE VI - Meetings

6.1 The President shall convene meetings.

6.2 There shall be at least one plenary meeting of the Association every year.  The President shall make an annual report to the members on the state of the Association.

6.3 The Treasurer shall report the state of the treasury of the Association at each meeting.

  • ARTICLE VII - Address

7.1 the address of the Association shall be the address of the President in office.