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New Slate of Board of Directors

During the 2009 Annual Membership Meeting held on December 5, 2009, we have successfully elected a slate of new Board of Directors. The positions of the new Directors are identified as follows:

Edward Wan (President), Kan Chang (Vice President), Y.C. Lee (Treasury), HuiLung Liu (Webmaster), Joseph Huang (Secretary), Chin Ho Lien (Membership Director), Shen Yang (Program Director)  and Fung Lung Chung (Communication Director, please note that as of January 5, Fung Lung Chung has left for Singapore for a 4-month  assignment).

Board of Director's Transition Meeting

In order to facilitate the transferring of duty and responsibilities between last year’s and new Board members, I would like to suggest that a formal transition meeting to be held at my house on January 30, 2010, between 1:00-3:00 PM. All previous and new board member as well as senior advisors are urged to attend this important meeting. For previous board members, please bring in any relevant information and pertinent records.

CCAA‘s Own Website

Huilung Liu suggested that CCAA should develop our own stand along website because of many benefits including an expanded storage capacity (up to 250 GB capacity), which allow us to do many other things.  With a large website capacity, we could store photos, songs and even video for members to download.  He has discussed this idea with Robert W. Chen and they both agree to look into this possibility.

Status of On-going Programs

Ping Pong /Tennis Games – Robert W. Chen and Huilung Liu will coordinate this monthly event for FY 2010.  The ping pong game will takes place at Thomas Farm Community Center in Rockville, Maryland on the first Saturday of each month between 4-6 PM.  Since the space is usually limited to two tables, the most people that can play are 8. There are suggestions that we should set certain rules in the future to maximize the number of people that can enjoy these games. In addition, Huilung Liu, our new Board member and one of the best players around, is interested to offer some ping/pong lessons to beginners.  Weather permitting, a group of tennis players usually get together at King Farm or Thomas Farm to play tennis.  So far, no specific schedule and rules have been developed for the tennis games.

Mahjong Games- Robert T. Chen and Kan Chang will coordinate this event for FY 2010. This monthly event is usually scheduled on the third Saturday of each month between 12:30-6:00 PM. Depending on the available space of the hosting family, the total number of games may vary from 4 to 7 tables.  In recent months, the Mahjong game became so popular that if you don’t sign up quickly, you may not be able to play. There are suggestions that perhaps we need to look into the possibility of scheduling mahjong games twice a month; one in second Saturday and one in the fourth Saturday. Another option is to host one Mahjong game at a Virginia location and one in a Maryland location.  At this point, we are opened for any suggestions so that more people can enjoy mahjong games.

Happy Hour Party- Tim Hsu and Joseph Huang will coordinate this event. This is traditionally scheduled on a quarterly basis. In addition to afford the opportunity for people to socialize, the usually format is to have a pot-luck style meal in which each family will bring some food or drink. The happy hour is an excellent opportunity for new comer to get acquaintance with others.  For that matter, I am happy to announce that the first Happy Hour Party in FY 2010 will be scheduled on January 30 (Saturday), 2010 at my house between 3:00-8:00 PM.  Please RSVP to me by January 23.

Health Seminars – Edward wan and Shen Yang will coordinate this event.  Health Seminars are usually held 2-3 times a year, depending on the availability of invited speaker and subject matter.  This year, we may want to hold the seminar at TECRO Center in Gaithersburg (possibly free of charge for the space rental) and also extend invitations to other school alumni to jointly sponsor health seminars.

Annual Mixed-Double Tennis Tournament- Kan Chang and Robert T. Chen will coordinate this event. We would like to schedule the tournament during either September or October timeframe. We may also invited players representing other schools to compete with us.

Annual Bicycling tour – Huilung Liu is interested in organizing annual group bicycling tour during spring.  There are several scenery routes that we can plan for the cycling tour including a C&O Canal trial, a Mount Vernon to DC Monument route and DC Mall to Haines point route.

Fitness lessons- Jen Y. Tsai is interested in offering group fitness program to CCAA members. The ideal group size will be 8-10 people and may practice once or twice a month. We will discuss fitness lessons in more details during January 9 ping pong session at Thomas Farm Community Center.

Annual Membership Meeting – this is usually held in year end to elect new Board Members

Multi-school Annual Programs

Spring Party - The first planning meeting for three-school Spring Party was held on January 3, 2010 at my house.  Decision was made to hold the Sprig Party on March 20, 2010 at the New Fortune Restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD.  Chien Chung will lead the planning effort; Beinu and Chun Shan will share responsibilities and workloads.  We are targeting to sell 25-30 tables and please mark your calendar for this fun-filled event. All three schools are working hard to come up interesting as well as entertaining programs. Edward Wan and Kan Chang will coordinate this event.

Annual Picnic – BEINU, Chun Shan and Chien Chung together have made the joint decision to have the annual picnic on June 26, 2010 at Seneca Creek State Park. Reservation has already been made for the Nuthatch Pavilion on that day.  We will also invite NTUAA and Fu Chung to join us.  Edward Wan, Y.C. Lee and Chin-ho Lien will coordinate this event.